Technical Specifications of 60-ton asphalt plant:

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Technical Specifications of 60-ton asphalt plant:

1. The tower (screening, grading, weighing, measuring tar, mixers)

2. elevator of materials

3. dryer

4. silo cold materials (has three valves)

5. belt below silo

6. feeder belt for dryer

7. cyclone and screw units below cyclone

8. exhaust fan

9. bag filter or water filter

10. oil heater

11. bitumen thermos

12. power control panel

The tower

1-1 Screen Vibration plate, sheet 8mm and cover sheet 2 mm , and as limp and dynamo 5.5 kW, grid inside of Perforated L 6 ,valve of steel°

2-1 Granulation: of sheet 5 mm , the chassis of the studs 18 and the base sheet 8-mm has four valves are pneumatically driven.

3-1 Weighting (scales for materials): from sheet 4mm and drain valve with pneumatic drive and four load cell model S remake 1-ton .

4-1 Mixer of sheet 10-mm and liner of sheet 10-mm anti-friction interchangeable and four sides of the ST37 80 * 80 and Bearing Translated from Persian to English


SN classy and claw arm with interchangeable unbreakable and drain valve is pneumatically driven.

5-1 Factory base: 8-mm bending sheet

Elevator of materials

Down sheet and high sheet and 5 mm and an overall body protective body bending sheets of 3 mm and chain hoists 16-G80 and Stem 16 and castanets of sheets and reels made of 4 mm unbreakable, Electro gearbox 15 kW and power 140 transition chains and the sun gear can be done.


Dreyer- diameter of 148 cm and a length of 6 meters in thickness 10 mm on four-motor, sheet inside the bending of sheet ST52 with a thickness of 6 mm , chassis from channel 22 and four Electro gearbox 7.5 kW, burner turbo triple burner (without post gas), gasoline, fuel oil and estimates of the gas generator 11 kW and electro-diesel 3 kW with surging and safe on the inverter.

Silo for cold materials:

Feeder three valve of sheet 5 mm and base of cans 140 x 140, under feeder the studs 12 as inverter ,manually adjustable and has Electro gearbox 2.2 kW.

Belt below silo:

A width of 60 cm and a length of 9 m made of the studs 12 with Electro 4 kW and is as a chain. Translated from Persian to English


Feeder belt for dryer:

Length of 6 km and a width of 60 cm made of studs 12 with 5.5 kW Electro gearbox , as a chain.


Sheets 4 and 3 mm and the base of the cans 100 * 100 and screw units the 8-inch pipe and Electro gearbox 5.5 kW.

Exhaust fan:

Sheets 6 mm with blade diameter of 105 cm and shaft CK45, alternator 55 kW chimney of sheet is 3 mm.

Bag filters:

Sheets 5 and 4 mm, the base cans 140 x 140 with screw units under polyester bag and the corresponding electromagnetic, electrical panel and screw units the landing and ladder wind 3 cubic meters.

Oil heater:

The body sheet 6 mm and inner tubes 2 inches fire eater preference and rear and the front door of refractory cement thick 15 cm and 2 inches of rock wool insulation, cover sheets and chassis of the studs 12 and the switchboard and stop lions 2-inch Class 150 and torch burning two-stroke diesel Iranian and electro-40200-11 kilowatt expansion is unsourced.

Bitumen thermos:

Sheets of 5 mm , 2 inch pipe coils , length of 120 meters isolation slag cotton , cover sheet galvanize, faucet and electro pump are double, 11 kw Translated from Persian to English


Power control panel:

Brands are LS Korea, Taiwan and Chinese HMI

The cost of transportation, download and installation is separate.

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