About Us

TMBR (Tose’eh Machin Bistoon  Rah Company)

The company is proud of its experienced engineers and specialists from Iran who has worked in a large company and executive summaries are customer satisfaction in both domestic and foreign markets. He began his work and the willingness to provide services and advice to clients. To take part in the construction of Iran played in the development of this country.

It should be noted, the main activity of the company TMBR (Tosse’eh Machine Bistoon Rah Company) design, manufacture and installation of equipment for asphalt mixing plant, different types of crusher, sorting sand and grit as well as a set of concrete factory equipment and other equipment in the field requires client.

The company has a policy to produce high quality products based on the standard circuit design and technology of the world in which customer satisfaction providing the service as soon as possible at the lowest cost will be the main indicators.