Bag filter

Due to the huge industry, environment protection is getting more and more attention in industries such as cement, asphalt, gypsum, lime, wood, steel, textile, sugar, etc., and in all industries that somehow involved with dust particles. These industries are considered to influence the environment and labor safety. In these industries a device called the filter bag (Bag Filter) will be used to collect dust in working environments and use it as part of the raw materials.

Specifications for bag filters of asphalt plants:

The device works as cleaning device at the Asphalt plants and a dust-proofing systems with high efficiency in various aspects with regard to the number of bags used in the vertically hung, usually 150, 200, 300 or 400 Bags. Bags can be of different kinds and types. They are usually made of polyester or Nomex to withstand different temperatures with an average of 140 to 200 degrees or more.

Bags used in Asphalt plants are designed and sewn to filter dust in the atmosphere, to filter about one micron dust particles. Output air is approximately 95 to 99 percent dust-free.

The bags in a metal container or basket made of galvanized or plated iron in the same size while bags are made in different sizes. Subjected to suction effect and shock by high-pressure air bags keep their shape.

The main body of the filter bag is usually of a sheet of 4 mm ST37 and sheets to be loaded bags in the form of a honeycomb lattice of sheet 6 mils its base is of a flexible sheet 6 mm.

Housing in accordance with the number and length of the bag is made in the form of a rectangle and two circular portions and smooth funnel which makes both even and Figure funnel. In the plains of the bags and hung in the funnel of dust collected after filtration. as a filler added to the material and the production cycle.

Other parts of the filter bag piping for compressed air, the problem of transfer of compressed air works against the screw into bags for vacuum suction and to bring up to full dust bag. Pressure isolates dust. The filter bag is used which is sent to the solenoid valve via a control unit. If the control unit commands the opening and closing of each of the solenoid valves will be performed at the specified time.

It should be noted that given the number of bags, different propellers usually every 100 bags are 2 cubic meters of air.

Working process Bag filter

Workflow move so the filter bag is located between the cyclone and exhaustion. The dust from the cyclone is sucked into a vacuum bag filter where the dust clings to the suspended bag in accordance with the high-pressure air filter bag from the pipeline goes into bags. The solenoid valve is at the same time fills and empties, and performs the function of the bag and shaking the dust is separated upper 95% of the normal air suction sent out. Separated dust is sent from the bags in a funnel-shaped bag filter and the spiral leaves the bag filter and added supplies.

It should be explained, there is a valve in the filter bag. When the air inside the bag filter bag will Bole warmer than standard, this valve opens automatically to prevent burning and to the air bags to achieve the standard within the filter bag.

In the end, the pride of these companies manufacture high performance bag filters are not harmful to the environment and safety of personnel in the use of asphalt plant dust (filler). Although it played a small step in the development of this country.