Jaw crusher

This crusher is used as primary crusher in the mining industry.

It should be noted that, size jaw crusher defined hole in the upper part of the equipment such as the model 110 x 90 crusher input load from 90 cm to 110 cm., And is done in both long and short switching jaw crusher and rock within the pressure reducing device.

Static fixed jaw (C) at a constant level by moving a clamping force to toggle inputs and stones and gives a blow between the lower space of stationary and movable jaws in the jaw or output determines the maximum size of the load at the output of the jaw. Stones in equipment, as long as their size does not fit in the lower part of the jaw remains in the jaw to the crushed stone was able to go out from the entrance of the jaw.

The valve outlet of this equipment made from the high switching load easily moved therein. High switching this equipment is and what stone total output between the fixed and mobile, no more than the standard and break easily and fall on top.

It should be noted, the case of the equipment is made to increase the capacity of some of the equipment used and the bearings are made of steel and manganese, molybdenum equipment has a high abrasion resistance and bearing.