Movable asphalt plant (portable and mobile)

General Information 60 ton mobile asphalt plants (portable and mobile)

1-details the first three-span chassis- bin with a sheet of 6 mm and the base of a flexible sheet of 6 mm and an output of the inverter feeder and regulated control room and master tapes under the bunkers and accommodation for estimates of diesel generators.

2- Details of the second chassis – dryer, vacuum suction, canals, lift, part of the screen, or a portion of the insulator sort mixer twin-engine all this made the installation of one chassis.

3. Details of the third chassis – thermal insulator bitumen 30 thousand liter covers and oil heater in a single chassis and thousands of heats 3 liter oil. Control Room can build next to the dryer or be considered a special room.

If needed a filter bag into the asphalt plant 60 volumes per ton of filter bag must be discarded, and the fact that the volume cannot be reduced to an urgent stationary set a filter bag will be better and if the client sets the fourth gear.

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