Dryer includes following components:

1- Rotary section

2- Two sections for heating and radiation

3- The section concision of bending spokes of sheet

4-The section radiation of from bending spokes of sheet

5- Spiral blade guides materials of sheet 8 mm anti-friction

6- Inbox materials and exhaust air valve made from sheets 8 and 10 mm

7-Outbox materials of sheet 10 mm

8- Chassis of the girder 24

9- The bases made of girder 24

10-Rings of dryer (rims) that is connected by Z-shaped sheets to the body

11– cast-iron rollers made of anti-friction

12- Three idlers to prevent longitudinal movement Dryer of cast manganese steel

13– Motor and gearbox for four-engine and single-engine gear according to the customer demand and order