hot asphalt

Preparation of hot asphalt after the breaking and granulation of stones (sand and sandy materials), filler and bitumen acts when preparing hot asphalt in the asphalt plant, and this means that the materials were dumped into the cold silo and according to the plan the amount of materials needed for each silo mixing cold exterior materials of course to the extent that feeding conveyor feeder, then poured into a dryer (dryer). Dryer which is manufactured in our company tube 7.5m 2.10m diameter rotary movement, and on the other side of the burner to heat the material and poured nearly a million calories per hour inside dryer before exiting the heat supply channel (shot) down the elevator materials. Construction of a spatula in the elevator that the elevator chain and closing motor rotates. These spatulas supplying hot materials to the upper part of the elevator and pours into a four crashing after crashing effect and reentry materials to breakdown four valve silos materials according to the hot mixture was poured into weight determined by computer and thence to the mixer is mixed with hot bitumen filler.

The mixer is mainly performed for the combined (mixed) with bitumen and fillers to be used after it is poured asphalt storage silo and sent to the right place.

It should be noted that one channel as a channel for water cooling and one for the removal of dust from a cyclone connected to dryer.

After picking up the dust exhaust fan inside the oven results in a cyclone and the dust in the vehicle taken from the cyclone is sent to the crash and the filler in the elevator and taking into account the mixture was added to each batch. And he returned to the production cycle and the other in a bag filter or a water filter using bag filter dust (filler) after collection and, if necessary, be added to the cycle. Note the presence of filler in the asphalt is more adhesive materials with each other and fill the seams between the materials and is prevented from crispy and fragile asphalt.

As heated bitumen currently used flow from the equipment called oil heater burner or hot oil. Oil heater is a device which is made inside its tube as a coil and is typically oil burners for import heating pipes inside these tubes has a thermo-oil, and the tube is connected to the flow of bitumen and when hot oil through pipes twisted pump heats flux bitumen and moves in the tube connected to the floor of the mixer. It should be noted, the materials submitted by weight materials hopper and hot mix asphalt is added according to the process by determining the electrical control panel and electrical power control, and the operator has full access to all this information.